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Instagram Growth: Engaged Like A Boss

Episode Summary

Jillian is an Instagram Strategist who helps female entrepreneurs gain visibility by embracing and showing their unique story to grow their tribe on Instagram. She understands the power of authenticity and how it helps women stand out and shine.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we covered a lot of things on course creation. Here’s a glance at this episode…

👉 [1:04] How Jillian got started on Instagram? 

👉 [2:57] What is #bodypositivity movement?

👉 [4:45] The common issues on female entrepreneurs' Instagram account.

👉 [8:56]  How to increase organic engagement on Instagram?

👉 [11:43] What is the average time people should spend and engage with other Instagram accounts?

👉 [14:37] Does Instagram only work on the product-based business? How about a service-based business?

👉 [17:15] How to build a community on Instagram?

👉 [20:17] Follow and unfollow every day.

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