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How To Work With A Tech VA

Episode Summary

Juci is a tech VA, strategist, and MemberVault Certified partner helping creatives who want to grow and scale a successful online business on their own terms, free from the tech overwhelm and the “what-do-I-do-next” panic. She works with clients through bespoke VIP Intensives, and she also teaches her coding magic through workshops and mini-courses. She's a huge fan of hipster glasses, slightly weird indie music, old movies, and sandy beaches.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we covered a lot of things on course creation. Here’s a glance at this episode…

👉 [1:30] A little bit about Juci

👉 [2:58] What business owners usually come and ask for help from a tech VA?

👉 [4:01] How tech support can work with MemberVault?

👉 [5:34] How to do upsell and downsell on MemberVault  as it is just a membership platform?

👉 [11:04] At what stage does a business owner comes and works with Juci.

👉 [12:36] How to differentiate between a website designer and a CSS coder?

👉 [13:49] Smart idea of offering a half-day VIP experience. Juci gives us some tips on it.

👉 [20:01] Juci shares her free and paid resources! (scroll down for all the links)


Work with Juci:



Free Resource:

Freebie Hub with techy and strategy resources - CSS snippets, Membervault cheat sheets, idea validation Trello board.

VIP Intensive:

Done-for-you service for setting up, integrating and customizing MemberVault, for everyone who signs up with the code Vanessa, I can offer a free Unstuck Intensive ($97 value) so they can get both the tech and the strategy aspect covered.


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