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How To Elevate Your Personal Style and Brand

Episode Summary

Gabby is a Personal Stylist and CEO of THe Brave and Beautiful Boutique in South Jersey. Her mission is to help women feel more confident so they can achieve their goals and show up powerfully in the world. She specialises in helping her clients build confidence and through body positivity, dressing for your body shape, and aligning your wardrobe to their personal style or brand. Don't miss this episode!

Episode Notes

 In this episode, we covered a lot of things on course creation. Here’s a glance at this episode…

👉 [1:44] How and why Gabby become a personal stylist?

👉 [4:28] Why is having a personal stylist beneficial?

👉 [7:00] The most common body shapes and a few quick tips for each body shape

👉 [15:24] How to look good on camera as entrepreneurs

👉 [21:21] Ways to work with Gabby Eckert


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